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The top 11 foods you should stop eating to avoid inflammation – UPDATE – correction

Editor’s note: After a review of this article, I’ve decided the information it presents from a book by a cardiac surgeon contradicts the well-documented health benefits of whole foods. Some of the foods originally listed here are very healthy, especially when consumed as organics. The original article relied on a doctor’s claim that “lectins” may cause inflammation in the body. While there may be some basis for that, I don’t want this website to unfairly demonize health-enhancing foods just because they contain natural molecules. So I’ve removed most of this article and authored this explanation.

Our readers pointed this out by strongly criticizing the original article that appeared here, and after reviewing the comments and criticism, I realize our readers are correct. This article should not have been published as it was, without additional critical thinking about the food claims made by the primary source.

I thank our readers for pointing this out, and I’ve send new instructions to our editorial staff for additional review of article content.

Our goal is to empower people with accurate, honest information about healing foods, superfoods, nutrition and more. I regret that the article which originally appeared here failed to reach the high standards we set out for ourselves and our content. And yes, beans, corn and wheat can all be part of a very healthful diet, especially when consumed as organics.

Thank you for your support and your feedback.

(The rest of this article has been removed, as explained above.)


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